A boy and his puppy

theo and beau

theo and beau

theo and beau Have you seen these unbelievably adorable photos of Theo and Beau?

Every afternoon, Beau, a newly rescued 7-week-old puppy, curls up with 23-month-old Theo for a nap. Jessica, the blogger behind Momma’s Gone City, began snapping photos of her sleeping boys and sharing them on Instagram (#theoandbeau).

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything sweeter.

theo and beau

Even Levi and Briscoe aren’t that cute together. Thankfully, they are becoming more comfortable around each other, but I’m not sure I’d call them friends. It’s more like they tolerate one another.

For example, Briscoe will often join Levi and me on the sofa, but he usually plops down on the opposite side from Levi, using me as a divider. The couple of times he’s dared to get closer, Levi fidgets and doesn’t want the dog touching him. Heartbreaking!

Still, Briscoe knows to hover under Levi’s seat during mealtime, and Levi loves to feed Briscoe doggie treats and hold his leash when we walk to the mailbox. And every once in a while, Levi works up the courage (or the interest) to give Briscoe a kiss or a hug when I ask him to.

Baby steps.

I’m curious: Are your kids and pets more like Theo and Beau or Levi and Briscoe?

P.S. Our dog with Levi as a baby. Also, one of Briscoe’s nicknames and how a toddler a feeds a dog.

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4 Responses to “A boy and his puppy”

  1. ashley says:

    Certainly not like this! (But we don’t let Sawyer up on beds or in H’s room.) Hudson hugs Sawyer a lot, and it seems Sawyer likes it, but sometimes I worry for the dog’s safety. H has no idea how heavy he’s getting! Might make a difference if the dog is a puppy? My parents’ dog, for example, has no interest in a loud, bouncy toddler…

  2. Lynn says:

    PJ, I have a post about this very thing sitting in my draft folder.

    Plato and Walden started out like Briscoe and Levi. Eventually we had to separate our dog and toddler. Over time the dog lost his patience for an overzealous 2-year-old. He often growled at him, which I considered a fair warning… but the kid refused to acknowledge the warning or listen when we told him to leave the dog alone, even after the dog snapped at him. Ultimately pets are still animals, so rehoming the dog (for now, at least) was necessary to avoid a serious incident.

    Of course different breeds have different temperaments, and “not suitable for a home with small children” was on Plato’s papers when we adopted him nearly 9 years ago. It’s so sweet to see Theo and Beau together! And I can’t imagine Briscoe behaving like Plato :)

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